Get up to £1500 as 12 Month Loans – No Fees


Getting a personal loan to be repaid in equal monthly installments for 12 months can be a wonderful experience in comparison to traditional short term loans. As much of the times it gets difficult for normal payday loan buyer to repay loan with full interest on time, resulting in default and therefore affecting credit score. With 12 month loans you get big cash amount while pay back smoothly in 12 installments over the year. No trouble of arranging the funds in one go. Instead you can save a little amount every month and pay it back in easy installments. It is the ideal finance option for individuals having other loan accounts active, who do not want the new loan EMIs to cause a burden on their monthly budget.


Some people might argue that with these loans you end up paying higher interest rate. This is because you if you hold the loan amount for longer time the lender would keep charging an interest rate for it. But considering the overall benefits, manageable repayments, flexibility and peace of mind you get, these 12 month loans always prove worthy of spending extra for.
Benefits of no fees 12 month loans

  • Basic Eligibility criteria
  • Affordable monthly repayments
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Instant decision – Quick cash transfer
  • Benefits of no fees 12 month loans
  • No guarantor required
  • No collaterals required
  • Complete process is online

Perfect solution for your unplanned expenses

It is not always possible to save for future expenses in advance, especially in cases like an unfortunate medical emergency or unexpected breakdown of car or home appliances. Such expenses cannot be delayed. You need extra inflow of cash immediately and which you can pay off in time.


Getting a quick short term loan is not worth in such a situation. Asking friends for help is also not an option when you are looking at a bigger amount. But this is the right time when 12 month loans can help you. You can get up to £1500 cash advance as quickly as 24 hours without any unnecessary paperwork or personal visits to the lender. Just reach out to an internet enabled device (PC, Laptop or even a smart phone), apply online for 12 month loans and get approved in no time with no extra fee required to pay.


Your loan amount would be transferred directly into your bank account. And the repayments will also be directly debited from your account on the predefined due dates. All you need to do is to provide correct information while filling the online application form. Any incorrect information may delay the approval process or even it may cause the application to be declined.


No application fee – The complete process is online because of which most of the lenders do not charge any processing/application fee. However, it is always recommended to review all the loan terms and conditions before accepting the offer. This would help you be aware of any hidden charges or application/processing fee charged by the lender.


No unnecessary paperwork – This saves a lot of loan processing time, as the complete loan verification is usually done online without the need of submitting any hard copies of your documents. Even no personal visits to the lender are required. Just a simple and straight forward process to get 12 month loans of up to £1500.

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